Greener Together
with Tommy's

When you work with us you are supporting Trees that Count. For every property bought, sold or appraised, a native tree is planted!

Christmas Promotion

Book your property appraisal in Dec 2021 to receive a free custom digital marketing package when it comes time to sell.

Our digital marketing packages come with a custom strategy and media budget to cover a three week social media campaign.

*Redeemable on properties going to market before March 31st 2022.

Tommy’s is Backing New Zealand’s Big Backyard!

Biodiversity Champion

By supporting native tree planting, we’re creating more habitats for our threatened wildlife and helping build ecosystems that are more resilient to threats and diseases. 

Helping Kiwis Breathe Easier

Native trees improve the quality of our air by removing pollutants and research shows that kiwi kids who spend more time surrounded by nature are less likely to develop asthma. Pretty awesome right?

Kaitiaki for future generations

As it turns out, trees are essential for the wellbeing of just about every living being on our planet. Supporting native tree planting today will leave a legacy for future generations that we can all be proud of. 

Commonly Asked

Questions and Answers

At Tommy’s we follow a 5-stage process to engage the selling of a property.

  1. Contact – You will contact one of our salespeople to appraise your home.
  2. Discussion – You will discuss your timeframe for selling and what you like about the process from previous experience.
  3. Research – Our salespeople will take notes during their visit, before returning to the office to research pricing and prepare a proposal.
  4. Summary of findings – Our salespeople will arrange a time to present their proposal to you, this includes a market price expectation, method of sale, marketing plan and associated costs.
  5. Contract of agency – At that time, or after you have had time to read through the proposal, you will choose a start date, agree a marketing budget and sign a Contract of Agency before getting underway.

Offers that are presented to you by your Tommy’s agent will normally be on the standard Agreement for Sale and Purchase document as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland District Law Society. Section 6.0 of this document is dedicated to home sellers’ warranties and undertakings or, in layman’s terms, details of disclosures that a home seller is obliged to make when selling their home. This section covers items such as building permits, code compliance certificates, details of any arrears in rates or other charges against the property, a declaration that chattels passing with the sale are unencumbered, and a multitude of other items. Weather-tightness and drainage issues that the property may have or have had are also top-priority disclosure issues.

It is possible to use internet advertising only. We also often find buyers for properties with little or no advertising. In general, we advise clients to advertise in a range of media, so that they pick up all prospective buyers. Tommy’s passes on the saving made from bulk buying in paid media. These rates are considerably less than the standard rates available to consumers.

Irrespective of the chosen method of sale, Tommy’s believes that a price guide should be advertised in every case. Market research tells us that most buyers (around 80%) want a price guide, and many say they will not respond to advertising without one. Buyers like to know if a property they are interested in is within their price range.

At Tommy’s we have set fee guidelines. We are prepared to discuss our rates and find a mutually rewarding way of working together. It is at the negotiating table where Tommy’s agents can more than earn their fees.

In Wellington, it is most common for a home to be sold through a form of tender. There are two main methods of sale by tender, a closed tender and a tender where the owners have the option to sell before the prescribed tender date. Tommy’s find these to be the most successful methods of sale to maximise the power of both our established buyer network and our marketing channels.